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Anna Maria Bauer

Born in 1956. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Graphic Art. Graduated in 1981. Grants of the Ministry of Culture and Art in 1982, 1984-85, 1988 and 1990.
Graphic and book artist, painter, writer and poetess. Makes also installations and performances. Published a few collections of her poems. Her works are in numerous private collections and museums in Poland. Took part in many group and solo exhibitions, since 1995 in the Contemporary Polish Book Art shows.

There was A Factory of Confidences and there was the time of Describing the World. For one year there has been in my artist life the time of Arboretum. It has appeared in green, full of life, of creeping, lush and constantly growing prettiness, fascinating with the will to exist and multitude of this will’s forms. Arboretum is a set of trees and bushes existing separately (for example Kórnik arboretum) or as a part of botanical garden. Certainly, a set of green plants is a metaphor. With a help of it I’ve been trying to define and describe persons, phenomena, experiences. Next, new, the third creative method has appeared. A visible trace of deep spiritual transformation.
This is so because I decided to replace (I don’t know for how long) contemplating my own imagination, which I had been writing down for 15 years using Pictograms of the Hermetic Script, with contemplating the world and people perceived as Eternal Meadow, Green Grove, Evergreen Tree, Mysterious Garden and Longed-for Paradise. Heading to the latter I walk along the paths of cordial plants, pass by blossoming pergolas, parks, gardens, flower beds, silent daisies lost in lawns. I pass buildings too – symbols of specific situations. Four diaries presented at the exhibition are the records (maybe sometimes too emotional) referring to most essential places I leave or welcome. Their titles are of great importance to me: Home, Temple, Fountain and Arcadia.

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