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Eugeniusz Józefowski

Born in 1956. Studied at the Marie Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin, Faculty of Graphic Art at the Institute of Art Education. Graduated in 1981.
Painter, photographer, graphic and book artist. Since 1978 has has been running art workshops for children and young people. Published several author’s books. Professor at the Institute of Art and Art Culture of the Teacher College in Zielona Góra.
Won many prestigious awards: 2nd-class State Prize for his work for children and young people, 1986; Honorary Medal of the 7th Biennal of Art for Children, Poznań1989; Jury Award of the Contemporary Polish Book Art, Warsaw 2000 (among others). Took part in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Places of Observation

This is one of the four volume book composed of four cases having titles Places of expecting, Places of sheltering, Places of feeling. Inside the cases there are collections of camera obscura photographs copied 1:1 (4 x 5 inches). There are about 10 photographs in each case placed behind the glass, covered with black canvas with a comment written on it. All were made while wandering around Mediterranean Sea and in some sites in Poland. A careful viewer investigates in which case a certain photograph should be found thus creating his order. A new reader deconstructs the settlements of his predecessor.

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