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Zbigniew Makowski

Born in 1930. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Painting. Graduated in 1956.
Painter, book artist, poet. Made more than two hundred unique author’s books. Won numerous awards (among others: the Cyprian Kamil Norwid Annual Critics Award in 1973 and the Jan Cybis Award in 1992). His works are in the collections of major museums in Poland and all over the world. Had over eighty one-man shows; in 1972 he represented Polish art in the 36th Art Biennial in Venice; since 1995 has participated in the Contemporary Polish Book Art shows.

November Night

Emotional and spiritual relations with Stanisław Wyspiański and November Uprising (1830), education worshiping the ideas of independence and special admiration for S.Wyspiański. The book is not a lecture, not at all, it only attempts to present Wyspiański in the process of art and poetry creation.Introducing Greek mythology characters onto Polish soil by Stanisław Wyspiański - a unique event in the history of theatre; and the illustrations to "Illiade" and "Odyssey" - timeless approach to the motives; this influenced me enormously.

Tabula Itineraria Marszruta-plan podróży.

An itinerary – plan of a journey. The book presents turning points in the biography of the artist – painter, poet, writer... chosing his own way again and again – attaining his artistic personality.

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