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Radek Nowakowski
Elephant's Tail Bookmakery (now LIBERATORIUM)

Born in 1955. Studied at the Technical University in Cracow, Faculty of Architecture.
Musician, translator, writer. In 1993 started his own small press Elephant’s Tail Bookmakery. Wrote more than a dozen books and made altogether almost 300 copies of them. Took part in numerous artist’s and normal book exhibitions, fairs and festivals; since 1995 has taken part in the Contemporary Polish Book Art shows. His works are in (among others) National Library in Warsaw, Stanford University Library, The British Library, New York Public Library, Wexford Art Centre.

Sienkiewicza Street

A man is walking along the street. It’s the main street in the town he does not know at all, where he has stopped accidentally and has to spend a few hours. He is not in a hurry, so he’s walking slowly looking around, listening, letting thoughts to flow across his head. He stops from time to time and then goes on walking flapping and clacking ..... walking along the street-sentence ..... He’s reading it. He’s writing it. He himself is a letter .....

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