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Book Art

In 2004 "Contemporary Polish Book Art" (or simply Book Art) celebrated its 10th anniversary.
We made 7 editions of this project and organised 80 exhibitions in many prestigious venues in Poland, USA, Germany, Israel, Holland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland. We took part in international book fairs in Leipzig, Frankfurt, Jerusalem, Warsaw, New York and Turku.
We have published 16 very nicely designed catalogues backing up works of many artists of different generations; they are not only the source of our pride but also a source of valuable information about book artists and book art.
The Book Art exhibitions are both presentations (of invited artists) and competitions open for everybody. This allows us to show works of various styles and attitudes, of well known masters and of young talented authors often living far from big centres. Displaying book-objects, book illustrations, fine press books, author's books, limited editions, artis's books, book installations and whatever we have created a kind of moving (in time and space) centre for book art, the only one in Poland.
SInce 1994 the exhibitions has been organised by the Warsaw Branch of Polish Artists Union and the recent (7th) edition by the Book Art Section established within the Union in 2001. After its "premiere" every new edition of Book Art travels around Poland and abroad (exhibition can be either a full version or a sellection of item adjusted to a given space).  We summarized this phase of our activity making in 2004 the first Warsaw Book Art Festival that encompassed the vastest possible range of book art.

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