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A total book, author's book, experimental book, unique book, bibliophile book, artist's book, liberature... WANDERING

We start wandering, a magic journey, following the traces of fable worlds - created by children and for children - following legends, sagas and exotic travels. We learn the life of Red Indians, mysterious, forgotten signs, symbols. We open the gate of Big Book of Nature. We take Icarus's wings, Odysseus's errant boat, we mount Pegasus, we put on the seven-league boots and off we go!

The signposts of life indicate dark and light sides of it, we rush into the labyrinth of intermediate, complicated states of being. We pass familiar landscapes, valleys, rivers, forests, we contemplate an instant, we take a rest in an arboretum.

What will we meet? A Great Unknown? Or maybe we will move more vigorously from the ancient world to the modern one?

Will we meet a pilgrim, a sage, a poet, or maybe a friendly soul? Where can we stop to grasp fragile words and images? To travel across Dante's hell, purgatory and paradise... Or maybe the labyrinth of city streets, yards, districts and houses will suck us and from the "freed fantasy" stop we will go through the looking glass...

Let our thoughts and imagination have no limits, let them follow the feelings hidden in words and images, in form and content. It's the proposition of adventure, of a no-ticket journey within the reach of the sensitive.

Alicja S³owikowska
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