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What is wandering for us? Something more than a journey. The journey usually ends and one comes back, while wandering has a spiral structure with no end and no beginning. All forms of life are a kind of wandering: both the invisible ones and those whose fragile snail-like existence makes mounds having a form of mountain ranges. The experience conveyed to the others with a structure of the wing and the twinkle of an eye that discovered the spiral structure of DNA - this is wandering, too.

The history conveyed to the others has been coating the spirals of time - civilisations are being formed and civilisations are people who have always wanted to store and transfer information. The Uruk city statues covered with inscriptions and staring into infinity, and the hieroglyphs on our last way across Styx, and Bible scrolls kept in the museum which has the form of a vessel where they had been found, and all books where we can learn that everything has already been.

Art, due to its records, is a path across mysterious worlds, full of presentiments and surprises. A book has always been a bridge between imagined and real.

The Contemporary Book Art exhibition, having wandering as a topic, concentrates all these relations around actions having contemporaneity in their titles. Well, as individuals we are as usually helpless, but on the other hand fascinated, experiencing the life in our own way and trying to comment it. We are not so very different form those whose deeds have been overgrown with seriousness of history.

Thus our comment in a shape of the 7th edition of the exhibition contains in the word "book" almost all actions and searching characteristic for our contemporary art. From miniature architectural treasuries for the wonders of this very world by Karen Stahlecker to endless computer wandering where we are taken to by Maciej Jabłoński and his work.

Ewa Latkowska
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