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Education programme

"Book Art" project is held under the patronage of Minister of Culture.

Book Art Section of Polish Artists Union - activities:
  • educating and promoting - history of art lessons, lectures, book making workshops, encounters with artists and art theoreticians, discussions, films, access to the archive (prints, publications, CDs, slides, photographs)...
  • exhibiting - 80 exhibitions in many prestigious venues in Poland and abroad; the exhibitions give inspiration to adults and children, amateurs and professionals... 
  • publishing - since 1994 we published 16 catalogues, hundreds of postcards, several posters, leaflets and info-sheets... 
Target group

Adults, youth and children, amateurs and professionals, teachers and students. - for all of them this project can be really inspiring and making them more sensitive and helping to understand what the book is and what a vast territory gives for the imagination. Thus we can enlarge our audience.

We would like workshops to give a direct insight into the complex process of book making. Experiencing art from this other side can help people to understand better the function of art pieces and intentions of artists.
To make such a workshop really successful we must:

  • let the parcticipants freely both in verbal and non-verbal way,
  • clearly define both our and their expectations,
  • inspire the participants either with material and media or with methods of cognition,
  • tolerate otherness and dissimilarity, make no judging.
Wokshops will be run by the outstanding book artists:
Henryk Waniek, Józef Wilkoń, Eugeniusz Józefowski, Ewa Latkowska-Żychska, Joanna Stokowska, Andrzej Bartczak, Marek Gajewski, Radosław Nowakowski, Alicja Słowikowska, Rafał Strent, Małgorzata Lasocka, Maciej Jabłoński, Dariusz Kaca, Anna M. Bauer, Krystyna Lipka-Sztarbałło, Katarzyna Szpilkowska, Krzysztof Wosik, Izabela Jędrulak and others.

Some details

Time: a workshop should last minimum 2 days
Participants: groups of maximum 15 persons can be accepted
Place: indoors or outdoors - it depends on the author's project

  • Preparing for art creatin. Stimulating and triggering one's imagination. 
  • Translating texts into language of art. 
  • Integrating words, pictures and 3D form of a book into an indivisible unity. 
  • Learning art techiques (drawing, painting, collage, computer and traditional graphic). 
  • Reading and understanding an artist's book. 
  • Making one's own book.
Lectures on book art and history of book art. Various texts about book art: essays, technical description, reviews... "Treatise on Pageography" by Radosław Nowakowski.

Paper art.
Learning different possibilities of paper as an art medium. Learning different techniques of making paper. Getting closer to nature - using natural materials.
  • Various techniques of making paper of cellulose. 
  • Lectures on history of paper making in Poland and in the world. 
  • Learning to make filigrees and water signs. 
  • Learning to make marble paper. 
  • The art of writing letters (epistolography). Making a pen from goose feather.  Making  a wax seal. 
  • Calligraphy for the beginners. Lectures on the history of calligraphy. 
  • Learning to make parchment. Learning to make papyrus. 
  • Making paper of different plants.
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