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Projects of the Book Art Section of Polish Artists Union

We are looking for partners, managers, sponsors and media patronage for our projects.

Project I

An exhibition of Polish Book Art in Denmark
Design Museum in Copenhagen; October-November 2005

Project II

2005-2006 r.
VIII edition of Book Art (international).

Publications: catalogue, poster, info booklets and leaflets.
Workshops and lectures.

Participants: artists and small presses selected by the jury or invited by the organizers.

Rules of participation will be published when financial situation of the project is clear.

Project III

Publication: Polish Book Art 1994-2004 (CD-ROM and printed versions)

Concerns the outstanding book artists - the ones rewarded or invited to take part in the succesive editions of Book Art. It will present the most interesting personalities among Polish book artists of several generations living in Poland and abroad.

  • One-off books, fine press, liberature, book-objects.
  • Reproductions, biographies, descriptions, pictures of the artists, author's commentaries.
  • Articles written by different authors taking up literature and art professionally.
  • Calendar of the events and selection of pictures from various exhibitions.
  • The Book Art publications.
  • Book Art  in the world: fairs, festivals, collections, exhibitions.
  • Book Art bibliography.

It will be a kind of a summary of 10 years of the Book Art project, presentatin of all its aspects, problems and achievements as well as of the artists taking part in it both very well known ones and those just beginning their careers.

We are glad to hear that art critics, culture researchers, collectors, publishers, culture institutions in Poland and abroad are very intereseted in a publication of this kind.

It can be very useful for libraries, museums, art galleries, fair and festival organisers, culture and art centres in Poland and abroad since nothing of that kind has been published so far.

CD version will enable presentation on a screen for big audience and can be easily used during lectures or conferences.

All our publications have always been nicely and functionally designed thus they can be really helpful for students and researchers as well as for everyone who is fascinated by combining art and literature in an inseparable entity.
Project IV

Literature + Art = Liberature. The workshop.

Literary and art critics, bibliophiles, librarians and journalists are the target group of this workshop.

Although the phenomenon of Book Art is now known much better than it was ten years ago due to great effort of both artists and organizers it has not been so far described and analised in a really sasistactory way.

Dates, places and venues.
We are waiting for applications and proposition of cooperation (both individuals and institutions are welcome). When initiated it should be continued in different cities.

Project V

MOST (The BRIDGE) International symposium and workshop.

Artists, Book Art organizers and guests from Lithuania, Slovakia, Cech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Ireland, Germany.

Closer international cooperation to better promote artist's book - common exhibitions, symposia, book fairs, workshops. For many years a lot of very interesting events have taken place in these countries, while we don't know much about each other, about problems and achievements of book artists from other countries.
The detailed programme will be ready soon..

Dates and venues.
Regular meetings of that kind should be held in each country consecutively, for example accompaning exhibitions or fairs.

Project VI

Book Art Centre in Poland.

Expectations, aims, propositions, needs, offers...

  • Education: lectures, workshops, presentations...
  • Exhibitions.
  • Promotion of artists, presses and publishers. 
  • Publishing activity. 
  • Library and reading room - collecting, displaying, informing...
  • Book Art FIles.
  • Studio - making books on individual demands.
  • International cooperation.
  • Book Art shop and cafe.

Alicja Słowikowska
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