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An artist's book
A personal work, free of commercialization and fashions.

We present experimental books, manuscripts, author's books, small presses, unique books, book-objects, pieces of art where words, pictures and spatial form make an integral unity.

We hope that soon a real artist's book market will be developed in Poland (auctions, fairs, galleries, art presses). An artist will make books on individual demands. We would like publishing houses to cooperate more courageously and ambitiously with book artists to bring to the public more visionary publications.

Since the 1990s the revival and developement of book art in Poland is related to the cyclic Contemporary Polish Book Art exhibitions. The catalogues (published in Polish and English) contains a lot of very useful pieces of information: colour reproductions, technical descriptions, artists' commentaries, biographies - they can be good guides for publishers, culture researchers, teachers, collectors and everybody interested in developement and promotion of Polish Book Art.

We would be very grateful for any help and support for the Book Art project.
We invite sponsors, institutions, companies and individuals to cooperate.

Long live the books!

Alicja Słowikowska
the curator
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